Current Chapter

What if I was an involved Science student?

September 2016 – May 2017
Serving as a Science Outreach Ambassador and enrolling in an Organic Chemistry course

It is September 2016 and I am about to embark on Chapter Three of the In Their Shoes Project. After an amazing year with the women’s basketball team and summer vacation I am excited about what is in store for me this year. Excited and a bit nervous. This year I am going to have some experiences with, and get to know some of our science students at Ryerson. I am going to do this by “taking” a course with them and joining the Office of Science Outreach and Engagement as a Science Outreach Ambassador. I met in late August with Nathan Battersby and Reeda Mahmood who are both biology students and work on campus as Science Outreach Ambassadors. The team in the office organizes all kinds of events and activities including Science Literacy Week in September, Science Cafes throughout the academic year, weekly lab visits for high school students and Science Rendezvous in May at Yonge/Dundas Square in the heart of downtown Toronto.

In addition to working with other students to engage our community in all things science I will take an introductory Organic Chemistry course. I have not taken a chemistry class since high school in the late 1970’s so it will be interesting to see if I can follow along. I have met with the professor teaching the course (recommended by Nathan and Reeda), he’s game to have me in class and I and am ready to jump in with both feet once classes start after labour day. Follow along all year for updates on my experience as an involved science student at Ryerson.

What if I was a Varsity athlete?

August 2015 – April 2016
Joining the Ryerson Rams Women’s Basketball Team

Each university runs an athletic program where the top student athletes compete in inter-university competition. Ryerson Athletics has developed a very competitive basketball program for both men and women. The Ryerson Rams Women’s basketball team won the silver medal in Ontario competition last season and made their first appearance at the national championship where they placed sixth. Student athletes have a very unique university experience compared to other students because of the time, dedication and commitment they must make to competing at a high level in their sport. They also have to balance this with their school work and a million other commitments in order to be successful athletes and successful students. When I announced the In Their Shoes Project to a group of student staff last year I told them if they had ideas for an activity or student experience that I could have after the year with the fashion students to let me know. One student came up to the front of the room immediately and said I should join the women’s basketball team. Her name is Keneca and she was a 4th year student and basketball player – a really good basketball player. Her idea made me laugh. As if I could do that.

Well it is one year later and on August 7 I am officially joining the woman’s basketball team at Ryerson thanks to the support and willingness of Ryerson Athletics and  Coach Carly Clarke. I obviously won’t play in any games but the plan is to try and keep a similar schedule as the women on the team with respect to practices and workouts, to attend all team meetings, to sit on the bench at all games, to travel on the bus to away games, etc. Follow along as I tell you about what I am learning about the world of a varsity athlete, about basketball, and about my new teammates.

What if I was a 4th Year Fashion Student?

September 2014 – April 2015
Fourth Year Capstone Experience with our Fashion Design and Fashion Communication Students

Each year the 4th students in the School of Fashion at Ryerson begin in September preparing their capstone project in Fashion Design or Fashion Communication. The Fashion Design students design and prepare a mini-collection of 5 looks to be presented in April in the year-end Fashion show called Mass Exodus. The Fashion Communication students research and prepare a capstone project that includes a visual display of their work that is exhibited in conjunction with the Mass Exodus presentation. I will join them starting in September. I will attend the weekly class and will also design and build a 5 piece collection for the show and I will prepare a visual display of this project for the Fashion Communication exhibit. Follow me through the process of learning who my fellow students are and about the experience they have preparing a capstone project in the School of Fashion.