Holiday Break

1 Posted by - December 22, 2015 - Basketball

We have a break of over a week from basketball practice and then everything starts again. The last organized practice that included most of the team was on Thursday last week and was the “holiday” practice. This included costumes, fun games and chocolate. We even played dodge ball…yes I joined in but was usually hit by a ball pretty quickly in each heat sending me to the sidelines where I am accustomed to hanging out.


Holiday Practice – December 17, 2015

The basketball team experience has added so much to my fall term and I am just now finding the quiet time to think about this more completely. It added daily time commitments that have made the fall a challenge and created little time for anything else in my world but work and basketball. Like the players who really only have time for school work, jobs if they have one, and basketball, I understand the time commitment in a way that very few others in my role could really completely understand.

This experience added a sense of belonging to something that has been a great source of comfort in a very difficult term for me. I was welcome and included but did not have to play any role in making decisions or taking leadership, or solving problems. This was the best part. I have only had to worry about me, being where I needed to be, my commitments to my own performance, and my role as a supportive teammate. I have also loved having the opportunity to get to know these young women. I get to see the hard work, energy, fun, frustration, fear, commitment, and personality that each of them displays. They care about each other, this team and this game…and I care about them.

I am grateful for the break from all of it…work, basketball, and the crazy schedule. I am grateful to have a break from carrying multiple changes of clothes everyday on my back as I move between my home and my office and the gym. I am grateful that each of my teammates has time to spend with their friends and families over the holiday break. I am grateful to have this short break, but I also miss seeing them and look forward to December 28 when it all starts again. The season ends in March and I know that the next three months will fly by quickly. There are many more games and multiple road trips coming so I am grateful for the opportunity to rest up for the rest of this experience.

For any of the readers of this blog who would like to see the team in action here is the rest of the regular season schedule – all games are at 6 pm.

January 13 @ home against York

January 16 @ home against Queen’s

January 22 @ home against Carleton

January 23 @ home against Ottawa

January 29 @ Laurentian

January 30 @ Nipissing

February 3 @ home against Brock

February 5 @ home against Laurier

February 13 @ home against Algoma

February 17 @ Guelph

February 19 @ Lakehead

February 26 @ Queen’s

February 27 @ York

Hope to see you in the new year at a game…in the meantime very best wishes for a happy holiday.