Final post – Chapter One

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This will be my final post for Chapter One of the In Their Shoes Project where I asked the question, “What if I was a 4th year fashion student?”.

As each group came off the runway in the afternoon show there was a photographer, Marko Mijailovic, set up to photograph each designer’s collection all together. These pictures are so great as they are the ones that show the complete vision of each of the designers. I will share mine here and then at the end of this post I will share the full collection photo of each of the students who I profiled in this blog. First my full collection sketch…

full collection copy


And the final photo of the 5 models in the outfits…

When I ended the previous post, the show curator Jeanne Beker and the Chair of the School of Fashion, Robert Ott, had just announced the 17 students whose collections would be included in the evening show. Here is a picture of some of the students and their models seated in the gym in the Mattamy Athletic Centre listening to Jeanne speak about the selection process just before the names were announced.


This happened at about 3:30 pm. and the evening show started at 6:30 pm. During the time before the show the models of the 17 designers got to work some more with the model coach, get hair and make-up touch ups and line up again to walk the runway for the second time. I got to have a drink and a visit with my best friend Cath and then return to watch the evening show from the audience.

As we entered the arena where Mass Exodus was presented we walked through the exhibit area where the capstone projects of the 4th year communication students were set up. Such amazing and creative work.


When the evening show started, Robert Ott came out to do the introduction and he included in his opening comments some remarks about my project and then they showed a video of my collection walking the runway at the afternoon show. I can’t even express how grateful I was that he did this so that my friends and colleagues from Ryerson, who could not attend the afternoon show, would get to see the final product of this project. I have posted that video on You Tube so you can see it by following this link (Video clip). The time that each collection spent on the runway was so brief but so exciting…I can’t stop watching it.

The best part of the evening was watching the 17 chosen designers walk the runway at the end of the show (see the lead picture for this post) with one of their models and watching the students congratulate each other at the reception following the show. The day was long but so fun and satisfying…a perfect end to 7 months of work.

I attended the last design class this past Thursday. I got the chance to thank the students and the instructors for welcoming me into their class and experience. It was such a great experience for me and I feel like I really understand the amount of work and dedication that each of them put into this major 4th year project.

I have so far this semester made formal presentations to three groups about the In Their Shoes Project, the concept of empathy in our work with students, and what I have learned over the course of the last 8 months. Near the end of May I will be doing a presentation about the project at the annual conference of the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services in Vancouver.

I look forward to announcing in August what Chapter 2 of the In Their Shoes Project will be…something completely different…but until then I will take a hiatus from the project and the blog. Thanks to all who have been following my journey…have a great summer and I hope you will join me here for Chapter Two.

Now as promised…the work of the students who were profiled on the In Their Shoes Project blog this year…huge thanks to the Ryerson School of Fashion for all the pictures in this post.

Jaclyn – a 4th year communications student


Lydia – menswear collection


Mariam – women’s wear collection


Lana – menswear collection


Hamish – women’s wear collection


Cathy – 3rd Year communication student and Mass Exodus producer with her team at the reception following the show


Bjanka – art to wear collection


Carly – evening wear collection


Lincole – collection of women’s coats


Hasya – boy’s collection


Annabel – women’s wear collection


Stephanie – art to wear collection