Student profile – Hasya

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Where did you grow up?

Hasya grew up in Thornhill…she has lived there for her whole life and still lives there with her family. Her parents were both born in Russia and met each other after coming to Canada separately. Hasya is the 2nd of seven children, the youngest is her 5 year old brother who inspired her capstone collection of children’s wear. In an earlier course she took a textile design course and ended up designing prints that would appeal to your boys her brothers age.WP_20150312_002

Why did you decide to study fashion?

She said that her grandmother who is a great lover of fashion suggested to her when she was 7 years old that she should be a fashion designer and it stuck with her. When she was 12 she and her Mom started doing research on education in the field and they found Ryerson. She had her first experience of sewing in school in grade 7 and in grade 12 she worked on costumes for the school play…around this same time she started taking sewing lessons to help her prepare her portfolio to get into the Ryerson School of Fashion design program. She had always taken art lessons which helped her with the drawing required in the program.

Is the program what you expected?

She answered with a very quick and definitive “no”. She said she didn’t really know what to expect but she did not expect it to be as technical as it is, as hard as it is, and to require as much work and lack of sleep as it has. Although she did not expect it to be as technical as it is, she said that she loves the technical aspects from hand sewing to pattern drafting. She came expecting to be a women’s wear designer and after the first two years decided that women’s wear was not for her…she just didn’t enjoy it. She much preferred men’s wear and its subtle details. Ultimately she decided to do her final collection for children – boys specifically the age of her youngest brother.

What has been your biggest challenge in this program?

She said initially it was time management but she started to get better at it in 3rd year. She talked about how she set a very detailed schedule for this final year to ensure that everything got done. Although it was hard to stick to completely it certainly helped keep things on track. Being on top of what she needs supply wise has also been important. She couldn’t just run out for last minute supplies near home as there are no suppliers in the vicinity, so planning and being organized and having everything needed on hand was really important. An hour and a half commute each way to school also makes managing time crucial.

What advice would give a student who has applied to get into the program?

Hasya would advise someone who is expecting to enter the program in the Fall to be working on their sewing skills now. Lots of practice and improving skills will make it easier when faced with an assignment and a deadline and the inevitable time crunch that they will face. The better your skills the quicker you can get your projects done.

What advice would you give a student in the program who is entering 3rd or 4th year?

She said explore different internships and learn as much as you can about different aspects of the industry to start to get an idea of what you want to do when the program is finished. I asked her what internships she has done and she talked about working at a place called “Head Mistress” that produces hair accessories, she worked with a make-up artist making earrings, and she worked with a Toronto designer name Jennifer Torsion where she made patterns and cut out fabric. She talked a lot about how much she learned from these internship opportunities.

Tell me about your collection and how you decided what to do.

Hasya said she wanted to create some of her own textiles and enjoyed the children’s wear project in 2nd year. She decided to do children’s wear and spent last summer doing research, creating prints and sketching. When I asked her how she would describe it she said it was very cute and fun…a breath of fresh air… she was inspired by the ocean and the seaside which influenced her colour palette and prints. All the finished clothes will go to her brother and she told me that he asks daily when he is going to get his new clothes. She was kind enough to share some pictures of her completed looks, some being modelled by her little brother. He clearly takes his role as model seriously…check out the poses.

What was your process when developing the collection?

She started with trend research and used this to determine some of the design details and some of the colour themes. She knew the collection would all be made out of 100% cotton…denim, chambray, etc. She said the hardest part of the collection was the sewing as it is not her favourite part of the process.

She has the unique challenge of finding 5 little boys to act as models and has had some help from one of her professors who has a 5 year old son with a bunch of friends. We talked accessories and she still has to get her boys shoes sometime in the next week and a half before the show day.

How were you feeling after dropping off your collection yesterday?

The day before we talked we all had to deliver our completed collections to the showroom where they were to be stored until each student had made their presentation to an industry panel. Hasya said it was a bit anti-climatic since we have all been working on this project for so long…since before September. We talked about handing it in and wishing there was some kind of fanfare or something to recognize this huge accomplishment. But we just dropped them off and walked away and nothing special happened.

What comes next…what do you want to do when school is over?

She knows from her experience in one internship that she does not want to do technical packs which involve the development of measurements and specifications for the manufacturing of a garment. Knowing what you do not want to do is a good first step. She is excited about the idea of textile design and print design. She enjoys pattern drafting. She also knows that she wants to get married and have a big family like the one that she grew up in. But first comes the big show on April 1st. Her parents and grandmother are coming to see her collection presented on the runway and her sister will be helping her out backstage as an assistant.

Who is your favourite designer?

She listed Viviane Westwood, Chanel, Victoria Beckham, Issey Miyake…

Anything else you want to tell me?

Hasya said she really enjoyed having me in the class. She was one of the first students who came up to me, asked me about what I was doing, and talked to me in class. She said she has been reading the blog and likes the fact that someone really gets it and understands the experience they are having and all the hard work. She feels like people don’t realize how hard the fashion students work and she liked that someone outside of the program understood what it was like for them.


Hasya is one of only a few students who chose to create a collection for children. I really enjoyed chatting with her and getting to know her better.