It’s getting real

1 Posted by - February 7, 2015 - Class update, Fashion, Sewing progress

It has been an interesting couple of weeks with this project. It has been especially busy at work with some big projects on the horizon and budgets due so it has been hard to find time for all the work that is waiting for me in my sewing space in the basement. I can feel some of the anxiety of our students as they realize that there is less than three months before school ends and they will complete their bachelor’s degrees. The students that I have interviewed this term do not seem to like my question about what their plans are come May. I understand how challenging it must be to get all the work done on their final projects and in their final classes and think about finding a job all in a few months.

It is Saturday night and I spent a good part of the day finishing up the third outfit which is due to be completed for Thursday’s class. It is a long dress with a fitted bodice and a skirt with coloured appliqués. When this one is done I have two more outfits to make the next three weeks.

There was a meeting this week for all the design students to learn about the plans for Mass Exodus 2015 which includes a runway show of each of the designer’s collections and an exhibit of the capstones projects completed by the communication students.


Mass Exodus is taking place on April 1st in the Mattamy Athletic Centre at Maple Leaf Gardens. The collections of all design students will be shown in a runway show at 12:30 pm. and from the approximately 70 collections 15-20 will be chosen to be shown in a 2nd show at 6:00pm. The collections selected for the evening show are chosen by a curator selected from industry and this year the curator will be the one and only Jeanne Beker, creator and long time host of Fashion Television. At the meeting there was lots of information about timing, model selection, hair and make up, marketing, ticket sales etc. The Mass Exodus 2015 website went live yesterday and has pictures of all the design and communication students and a description of their final projects (

Imagine backstage of the runway show with 70 designers, each with 5 models, and each with a hair and make up team – easily well over 500 people. I can’t imagine how it all comes together and can’t wait to see it first hand. The team of third year students who produce this enormous event have their work cut out for them.

On Thursday the design student practiced their final presentations that they will make to a panel of industry professionals in mid to late March. In these presentations they will show the pieces in their collection, discuss their inspiration, the target market that they designed for, the pricing strategy for their garments and where they imagine the collection be sold. I was only able to attend class to see 3 or 4 of them make their practice presentations but I was impressed with their knowledge and professionalism.

Tomorrow I will go to the lab to mark the hem on the long dress and then get started on outfit #4 – a man’s shirt and pair of shorts. I have all my models lined up and a hair and make-up person booked…now just to finish the sewing.