The progress continues…

0 Posted by - January 3, 2015 - Fashion, Sewing progress

It is Saturday January 3 and I have to return to work on Monday. I expect to have outfits #1 and #2 ready for their next fittings before then. Outfit #1 must be completed by January 15 and outfit #2 two weeks after that. I have taken some more pictures to share here.

After getting more ribbon I decided I had to finally give in and acknowledge what age has done to my eyesight. I bought a pair of those magnifying half glasses at the drug store so that I could see better to do hand sewing (especially hard to see when working on black) and to thread the sewing machine and hand sewing needles.








I completed the ribbon stripes on the vest and made the welt pockets on the vest front. Also made the pants for outfit #2 which have welt pockets on the back.









The last thing required on the pants before they would be ready for a next fitting was to sew on the waist band. So the pants and vest are ready…hope to sew the shirt tomorrow.



_DSC0099I then went back to outfit#1, the fitted dress with the braid down the front. First serged the edges of all the cut pieces.


Then I needed to relearn how to install an invisible zipper. The one that I put in the muslin was the first one I have ever done.



That’s all for now…stay tuned as the progress continues.