Progress as of Monday

0 Posted by - December 29, 2014 - Fashion, Sewing progress

Thought I would report on my progress mostly through pictures. I completed the braid for the front of the dress that is outfit #1. I sewed down all the silk crepe de chine bias strips and removed all the basting. I have put outfit #1 aside because the rest of the construction for this dress is relatively easy.


I then started on outfit #2.

look 2

Here is the sketch. I cut out the pants, shirt and vest and also cut out outfit #4 while I had everything spread out on the dining room table. The vest with it’s applied stripes is the most work so I started it first. First step was marking all the lines with tailor tacks and then I started to lay out the ribbon stripes. I sewed them all down on one side of the vest.




















_DSC0089When I started to lay out the ribbon on the other half of the vest I realized that I did not have enough of the gold coloured ribbon. I had to wait until this morning for the store where I bought it to reopen and I made the trip downtown to get some more. Now I have what I need…so I carry on.