I know I’m not the only one who will be sewing over the holidays

0 Posted by - December 22, 2014 - Fashion

I haven’t posted anything here in a couple of weeks as the semester wrapped up and everyone at the university left for the holidays. In the first week of the exam period the fashion communication students gave presentations of their projects in progress and I spent some time teaching myself to use the video editing software on the Mac at home to start to put together a short video on my topic of empathy. I have interviews lined up in January with a number of my colleagues to film footage of conversations about empathy for my final project.

With two weeks off over the holidays I have started work on the final garments for the design class and I know that many of my fellow students will spend their breaks working on the construction of their collections in final fabrics as well. The university reopens on January 5th and the first final garment is due to be completed for review by the instructors on January 15th. I plan to get as much of the construction of my collection completed in the next two weeks as is humanly possible because my work commitments in the first 3 months of the winter term are somewhat overwhelming. I thought I would post pictures here of my progress for folks interested in following along.

Here is the little corner of my basement where all the work will happen…I have a sewing machine, serger and ironing board set up…


I have started on outfit number one which is a dress. Here is the sketch and the muslin that were completed last term.

outfit 1 full colour













I first cut all the dress pieces out of the final black fabric with the pattern that I made.











Then I started on the front section with the braid. I cut narrow bias strips of 4 different colours of silk crepe de chine and run each strip through a little gadget that rolled the sides of the strip evenly as I followed along with the iron to turn the edges. I then started making the braid of the 4 colours and basted the strips into place following the pattern that I marked onto the fabric. I have started sewing the braid strips into place on the sewing machine today and will post more photos of my progress in the coming days.