My No Sewing Weekend

0 Posted by - November 23, 2014 - Class update, Fashion, Thoughts

It is Sunday and I have not done any sewing this weekend…I actually haven’t done all that much of anything. It has been about 8 weeks since I did not sew for part or all of the weekend.

look 5I completed my 5th and last muslin on Thursday. The last one was a bit of a challenge but compared to outfit three it felt easy. Outfit 5 is a woman’s pair of pants and a loose chiffon tunic. I made the pieces last Saturday and came to campus late in the afternoon to fit them on the judy. The plan was to put the outfit on the judy, mark any adjustments and go to the RAMS basketball games. Well that is not what happened. Pants are especially challenging to draft and fit and the pants I had made basically did not fit anywhere. The legs were too wide and the waistband was too big. So instead of watching basketball I stayed in the lab and took them apart and remade them. There were about 7 other students in the lab working as well. After taking them apart and putting them back together and fitting them again to make sure I had made the correct changes I headed home.

outfit 5 2

I spent Sunday finishing the pants. On Monday I brought the tunic to work because I needed to try it on a real person. It has sleeves and is very loose and long and the judy has no arms so it is hard to tell if it will hang properly on a person. Jen G. at work was kind enough to let me throw it over her head and mark the sleeve length. I discovered in doing this that it was not lying properly at the neck and shoulders and the whole thing was too short. I decided to start again. I spent time Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night recutting and remaking the top.

outfit 5 3






So my 5 muslins are complete and there after only two more weeks of classes before students begin their final exams. I met with the Director of the School of Fashion recently and he filled me in on what to expect next semester. I know that making these 5 outfits out of the final fabric will be more work…seam finishing and making bias strips from the coloured silks I have for all the appliqués are just going to take more time. Each student has to find 5 models for the show in the spring and provide their own hair and makeup team for their models. Then there are shoes and accessories to think about and procure. The first completed outfit in final fabric is due in the middle of January then one every two weeks after that. The collection must be completed by the middle of March and the runway show is April 1st. I am taking a little break to focus on the requirements that students need to fulfil for the fashion communication class and then I will start sewing again in mid December through the holidays.

Back in September I really didn’t know how I would get everything done. I have seen students working in the lab at 8 am. and 8 pm. weekdays and weekends. There is some time to breath and take stock and then the real work will start. Thanks to all the folks who have been reading the posts and following along. It has been fun.