I am not part of the Mom Brigade

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The Mom Brigade

Well it is the beginning of crunch time in the 4th year fashion lab. The first muslin is due on Thursday this week and I spent part of last Friday in the lab working. It was reading week for most of our students and during reading week there are very few students on campus. In the lab on Friday there were 10 to 12 students coming, going, and working while I was there. They were drafting patterns and constructing their designs in muslin.

While I was working a staff member from the school came through the lab and looked at me and said, “oh great, the mom brigade has started already”. When I said I didn’t understand with a puzzled look on my face, she repeated herself. I still look puzzled and then she started to look puzzled and realized that I was not a mom. I reminded her who I was and why I was there and that we had met a few times before. She apologized and explained that at the busiest times of the term often the Moms of students come to the lab to help them (they don’t have to do all the sewing of the final looks themselves) or bring them food and support. She assumed that the 52 year old woman in gym clothes and her hair in a pony tail had to be the Mom of one of the students. When I came back to the lab later in the day there actually was a Mom there…She was the Mom of one of the students I had profiled on this site – she was helping wind a skein of yarn into a ball that her daughter could knit a sweater from…a sweater that is part of her collection. It was lovely to meet her Mom who is clearly very proud of her daughter.

I guess I tell this story for two reasons:

1) I am not fooling anyone – I clearly can’t pass as a student – but I guess you already knew that.

2) It reminds me how connected many of our students are to their families. We often talk about them as adults who should be treated as adults and who we should expect to act as adults. But when they are at their most exhausted and overwhelmed and stressed they need support and comfort and encouragement. Who is better at this than Mom.

Outfit 1 – Critique

I will miss Thursday’s class where the first outfit in muslin is due because I have to attend a meeting out of town, but Lucia the professor was kind enough to make time today to meet with me and provide a critique of my first completed muslin. Here is the colour sketch of outfit #1 and the technical drawing with fabric swatches for outfit #1:










Here is a picture of the muslin for outfit #1 on the judy. It is constructed out of unbleached cotton and the binding at the neck and arms was made from an inexpensive lining fabric. I used prepackaged bias tape to show the design and placement of the appliqued braid down the front. The actual dress will be made out of a medium weight black woven fabric containing spandex so it has some stretch and the bindings and appliques will be made from a silk crepe de chine. I will post pictures of the final garments when they are complete but that won’t likely be until the new year.










The feedback that I got from the Lucia included:

1) In the technical drawing the braid applique actually comes right out to the edges of the band down the front but on my muslin this is not the case…if will experiment some with making the braid wider and a bit looser to see if this will work better…I think that it will.

2) We discussed whether using a binding was the best way to finish the edges at the neck and armholes…she suggested maybe using a facing instead. I actually thought of this and specifically decided to use binding because I like doing it and in the final fabric it won’t really show like it does on the muslin…but I am going to give this some consideration and may change to facings.

3) She was happy with the fit…I draped the dress on this judy which I think helped me get the fit right.

So one down with some good take-aways, 4 more to go. One of the faculty members for the communications class came by to see my first critique and was kind enough to take some pictures while I was getting my feedback from the instructor.