Typical new student first week fears

0 Posted by - September 5, 2014 - Fashion

So on Thursday afternoon I had my first class for this project activity. There is lots to say about my afternoon.

I am going to be engaged with 4th year students in this activity but I know that our first year students are often most concerned about finding their way around, finding the right classes, getting to class on time and ensuring that they are not drawing attention to themselves by being late or going to the wrong classroom. The planets aligned to give me just this kind of experience yesterday. The 4th year fashion capstone classes meet on Thursday afternoons and based on some early scheduling information that I requested in June I blocked my schedule from 1-4 on Thursdays for class.

Yesterday I started with a visit to the communications class. The instructor had told me what room we would meet in the first week, and what room we would meet in when the class was divided up into smaller groups in subsequent weeks. Off I went to Kerr Hall South at 1 pm. for class and found the room empty. I waited until about 1:10 and no one else showed up. I thought maybe I got the rooms mixed up so I went to the other room he had given me and walked in… the class full of students and the professor stopped, turned and looked at me in the doorway…this was not the 4th year fashion communication class. I promptly apologized, said I had the wrong room and backed out. I then went to the main fashion office and found out that the class had been moved from 1-4 to 2-5.

I hold no one responsible but myself for not making sure I requested updated information before the first week of classes. I am kind of happy this happened because in my back and forth to my office that afternoon I encountered at least 3 other confused and scared looking students who stopped and asked me for directions. There have been many others earlier in the week. When I can I always walk the student to the place they are trying to find…I ask them their name and we chat a bit…when you deliver them to the location they have been searching for the look of confusion turns instantly into a look of gratitude and relief. One of their biggest fears about starting university can be so easily eliminated.

So that is how my attempt to attend my first class started….more to come about the actual class sometime this weekend.