Gratitude and Getting Back on the Bike

3 Posted by - August 26, 2014 - Fashion, Thoughts

I had such a positive response to my project announcement last week. I am so grateful and really excited to get started. Some folks have asked why I chose the fashion capstone course as my first activity. I wanted something that would pique people’s interest and something that was very different from my day to day job activities. I also think that there is great story telling potential here including lots of interesting things to learn about the students, their inspiration, their daily challenges, and the creative process.

I am very grateful as well for the support of the Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Design and from the Chair and Faculty of the School of Fashion for their willingness to host my first In Their Shoes Project activity.

Of course completing this activity would not be possible unless I had some basic understanding of clothing construction. I grew up with a Mom who sewed and I started learning the basics at a young age. This is a picture of me and my Mom from the early 1960’s where I look to be showing her a few things. I also worked many many many years ago for a time making theatre costumes. I have not done much sewing for a long time. It will be just like riding a bike right? Just have to get back on?

First class is next Thursday. I am already collecting pictures for my inspiration board and shopping for fabrics.